1. Is escorting for you?

Is escorting for you?


It completely depends on your objective. If your intention is just to make money and have lots of sex with women it may not be the best path for you. Being an escort in my experience is very different for men and women in the profession. On the whole, male clients are usually satisfied with good sex from a hot woman whereas female clients tend to want more of an overall experience. If you genuinely enjoy pleasing women and are willing to learn how to give her exactly what she wants it could be for you.

What is the main difference between a regular escort and a high-class escort?


Besides the money, the main difference between a regular escort and a high-class escort is the mindset. It's not about looks, or expensive clothes or even education, it's about attention to detail and going the extra mile to please your client. Your website, photographs, grooming, presentation, manners and how you carry yourself all contribute towards an overall experience that justifies a premium price tag. Classy women with money tend to buy classy things.


What is expected of an escort?


In short, I'd say you are expected to provide a real-life fantasy. However, this is not as elaborate as it sounds when you consider how low many guys set the bar in the world of dating. Making someone feel special by taking the time to really listen and make the effort to put a smile on their face can be priceless.

Remember, the majority of women get offered sex all the time, it's not necessarily always explicit but women sense it on a regular basis with their interactions with the opposite sex. So the question to ask yourself is what are you prepared to bring to the table that would make a woman want to pay for something she can get for free.

Another point to consider is the importance of clear communication on what is expected of both parties from the outset. Everyone is unique, and every situation is different, so discussing boundaries and actions that may produce a negative response (triggers) is strongly advised.

I've heard of some real horror stories in my time so I would be remiss if I didn't cover a few obvious quick fire pointers. 

  • Always be polite and courteous.

  • Make sure you are baby fresh clean and well groomed (Fingers and toenails!)


  • Wear smart shoes unless the occasion specifically calls for casual wear. 

  • Turn off your phone when meeting a client. (Or at the very least, keep it tucked away on silent if you need to be contactable in case of emergency).

  • Use the bathroom considerately.

  • It's probably best not to order smelly food like onion rings and garlic bread.

  • Don't drink too much.

  • Don't smoke unless the client is 100% ok with it (Funny anecdote - I once booked a female escort as a treat for my client but when she showed up, she reeked of cigarettes. When I told her we requested a non-smoker, she replied "Well I'm not smoking now" - I gave her £50 for her travel and politely asked her to leave).

  • Open doors, pull out chairs (when practical) and walk on the outside of the kerb - (but don't make a big deal about it, most women will notice this and they'll appreciate it).

  • Don't be argumentative - there are no gold medals given for getting the last word in.


Should I go with an agency or work Independently?


When I first started escorting nearly 5 years ago I joined an agency for about 6 months but I decided it wasn't suitable for the type of service  I wanted to offer. There are pros and cons to both options but ultimately I wanted to retain control over my interactions with clients which I didn't have whilst working with an agency.

Agencies tend to do a good job of marketing and providing bookings on a regular basis although the money tends not to be as good and they obviously take a fee for their service. Agencies can also provide clients with more safety through their screening processes and as a business, they are more accountable to the law.

If you work independently, you'll have to put more effort into marketing your services which can be time-consuming. Many channels that are open to regular businesses may not be available to you such as paid search (PPC), affiliate marketing, most trade events, marketing agencies, bloggers, social media platforms and a number of other avenues that will probably shy away from working with you. But on the plus side, you do get to be your own boss, dictate your own terms, charge what you want and decide who you meet with. Also, there are no agency fees to pay and you can earn a lot more money once you know how.

Here are a few agencies to consider:

Note: Make sure you do your research before signing up with an agency and I'd strongly advise not to pay them to list you on their books. They should get paid when you get paid.

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