3. Making money


How much money can you make?


There are many variables to consider like where you position yourself in the market, how much effort you put into marketing your services, how good you are at communicating with clients and retaining their business, etc. But on average a male escort can usually charge anything from £100 to £400 per hour, sometimes a lot more. If you have regular bookings it's not uncommon to make £3,000 to £10,000 per month. I've personally been offered jobs that pay in excess of £30,000 plus expenses. A lot of it depends on what you offer and who you target.

Word of advice: If you're making decent money, get an accountant and be sure to pay the tax man what you owe.

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When should I ask for payment?


Cash is usually always paid upfront when you arrive (sometimes it can be days/weeks in advance if it's a sizeable fee that requires a deposit) Do not accept credit cards, cheques or any other form of payment. Cryptocurrency and gifted items are of course down to your discretion. Also, be sure to factor in your expenses for travel, etc. 

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