4. Marketing your business

How do I market my business?

Create a website

This pretty much goes without saying but I'll say it anyway. A well-designed site is a powerful tool if you're looking to promote your business online. It's a place where clients can visit and get a real feel of who they are talking to. Also, when reaching out to people to promote your business, the first thing they'll do is look for your site. If you can build your own check out this article choosing the best website builder, but if not, you can view our work here or get in touch and we'll discuss what will work best for you.



Get professional photographs

When taking pictures for your site, be sure to get a professional photographer to take them as this will be a worthwhile investment that needn't be too expensive. It's not necessary to show your face if privacy is a concern but most clients will definitely require photos before agreeing to meet. See links below.

Classified Ads

Classified ads can work well but can also be pricey and you're likely to get a few time wasters but it's worth considering, especially when first starting out. See agencies below:


Blogging can be a very effective marketing tool as it allows you to share your thoughts and provide potential clients with insight into your personality. Also, if you are able to get your content published on sites like this or perhaps get a gig as a guest writer for a popular blog that your audience is likely to follow, this can help to raise your profile and drive extra traffic to your site. Check out: The 8 Most Popular Best Blogging Sites

Below is a screen shot of the number of views I've received from my blog posts. This tells me that I should write more of the stuff people want to read.

And if writing is not your thing, you can always hire someone to do it for you. But given our niche, it can be a little difficult finding the right people. (Cough, cough, hint, hint).



Social Media

Social media like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest can be very effective methods of marketing your service but you have to be careful how you go about it. Think about what content will appeal to your target audience and how best to present it on that particular platform. Insightful information on topics like well being, sexual development and lifestyle tips can all work really well, especially if it links back to your blog.



Email an Editor

This is one of my favourite channels to use and it's fairly easy so long as you're prepared to put in the legwork but it's worth the effort.

1. Select the right publications
First, select the publications you think your target audience is likely to read. The bigger the better but small independents are also fair game.

2. Create a hit list
Then compile a list of about 20 to 30 people that you want to reach out to. Email addresses are often listed on their website but you have to look. If not, you can guess a lot of emails by using common email syntax (e.g. firstname.lastname@company.com or (firstinitial.lastname@company.com). There are loads of sites that will confirm if the address is real or not. Check out this link here.

3. Create your draft email
Now it's time to draft your email. You can check out these tips on how to pitch a story to an editor here. It's not exactly the same thing, as you're not pitching your writing skills (unless you can write) but it does give you a good idea of how to get them to do apiece about you.

Also, use Grammarly.com to proofread your emails over and over...and over. And use a 'text to speech reader' if you read and write a lot and get sick of the voices in your head.

4. Send it
First send the email to yourself and see how the subject header reads on your mobile. Then send it for real to about 1/3 of the list and tweak your subject lines slightly to see what gets the best response - and always address your target contact by their name. You can track if your email has been opened by using an email tracker app like this one below.

You can check out a bunch of them here.

Once you're happy with the way your email is performing, fire off another 1/3. Review the results and then resend the last 1/3. If you use email a lot it is well worth reading up on.

Note: Using Gmail/Yahoo, (freemail) etc. to pitch your exclusive services is not the most professional way to reach out. Some people will not respond to your email specifically because you've not bothered to get your own email address. There's more on that here if you're interested.



5. Give them what they want
Most people won't respond but occasionally you'll get a positive response and then it's all about your ability to understand the type of piece they are looking to write and how you can contribute towards it.

6. Follow up
This is where 20 years of sales and marketing experience comes in handy because the follow up is where you get your results. Keep a list of all the people who you want to speak to over the coming weeks and months and ping over the occasional follow-up email to see if you can prompt a response. There are usually a few possible outcomes.


A. You get tumbleweeds - no response no matter what you say or do.

B. You get blocked by their server and your email bounces.

C. You get told to go away.

D. They finally respond with either a positive answer or a maybe.


The objective here is to get on the radar and be front-of-mind for the occasion where the editor tells the writer to reach out to a bunch of escorts for a new piece they have coming up. Word of caution - use common sense and don't spam people to death, and ALWAYS be polite, even if you get told to do one - editors get literally hundreds of emails every day.

You can use anything from Outlook to a notepad to keep track of your target contacts but I tend to use a task manager like Todoist or Doit.

7. Pick up the phone
In addition to sending emails, picking up the phone is still one of the most effective ways to get hold of people. This takes practice but it's a skill that will serve you well. And don't take rejection personally, it's good for you.

There are many ways to market your male escorting services like teaming up with another escort and working as a duo, write a free ebook with tips and advice, start a facebook group to help provide support to new escorts who might be struggling, or perhaps create a podcast or youtube channel where you discuss your experiences with a group of friends in the industry. The list is endless but it very much depends on who your client is.

If you'd like to discuss what might work best for you, get in touch for a free 15-minute consultation with me.

Anecdote: Whilst working on this website, I took a few hours out of my day to call a bunch of escorts and pitch them the idea of a web design and marketing consultancy specifically for guys like us - just to see how they'd respond. I already had tonnes of emails from guys asking for advice but I still get a kick out of calling people and pitching them.


On the whole, the response was really positive and some of you reading this may remember the actual phone call. I pitched a simple idea, in a casual tone with a quick qualifier yes or no question - "Would having your own website add value to the service you offer?".


The objective was not to convince, it was to gain a better understanding of the market. And I made sure I only called guys who I knew didn't have their own website - because that's who this service is aimed at.

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