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3 Common Mistakes That Will Guarantee Rich Clients Won't Book You

I'm sure there are clients out there to suit every escort in every conceivable niche but if you want to earn thousands of pounds per booking, be flown around the world, stay in luxury hotels, eat at the best restaurants, have intimate encounters with classy women and be showered with lavish gifts, you have to adopt a very different mindset.

The world of high-class escorting can be tough but there are some common mistakes that will pretty much guarantee you won't get booked by the type of client you really want.

Here are the top 3 mistakes I see guys make when I sit down with them to review their strategy.

1. Poor communication

I'm talking about those who lack the ability to converse with a client at a standard expected of someone who charges upwards of £1,000 a night. Where many guys go wrong is that they don't realise the manner in which they communicate often has the biggest impact on whether they receive a booking or not.

Email and text are by far the most common forms of communication for clients when choosing to get in touch but many escorts do not make the effort to utilise these channels as effectively as they could.

Is your communication littered with abbreviated words and endless emoji symbols or do you use structured sentences with good grammar? (For the most part at least). Are you a freemail specialist or do you have your own professional email address? Do you have an email signature that gives the right impression or do you not even bother to include a sign-off?

The other day I came across a profile on a popular escorting site that absolutely deserves an award for one of the most poorly worded sentences I've ever come across. I quote...

Hi looking for a good service am canny and will make u feel related just text are call me then we can talk wat u would lyk

I'll add a bit of context here and state that this chap was clearly not trying to appeal to the well educated and successful client who we focus on here at the consultancy (at least I hope not) but the bottom line is that he's still targeting someone, and looking to charge them money.

I struggle to see which well-to-do woman in her right mind would read a profile like that and feel a throbbing desire to pick up the phone and book him for a night of steamy passionate sex. And the thing is that he could actually be amazing in bed and know how to push all the right buttons, so long as it doesn't involve a keyboard.

If you're reading this and recognise that sentence as your handy work, it's nothing personal but it's a cracking example of how to shoot yourself in the foot - and you're welcome to get in touch with my team, we could probably offer some assistance with this matter.

You don't have to be an amazing wordsmith to create a half-decent profile, especially with free writing tools such as Grammarly and the army of freelancers you'll find on People Per Hour who'll knock up a nice bit of blurb for a tenner. My own spelling can be so hit and miss that I'm convinced I'm dyslexic. I have to proofread whatever I write at least 50 times and even then I use a 'Text to Audio' app and I still get someone else to check my work when I'm done.

You can have a look around at the guys in your space for examples of good profiles that clients will want to read and hopefully get in touch as a result of it. Perhaps use them as a template or at the very least you can gain some tips on how to create your own profile.

2. Selfies and dick pics

In this day and age, the use of selfies is perfectly acceptable when putting together a selection of photographs for your gallery. I think they can often add a genuine feel that clients can appreciate alongside the more polished professional pictures that should be included as well.

However, moody selfies taken in a dirty bedroom and random dick pics are probably not going to convey the right message to a woman of discerning taste seeking the company of a classy male escort.

A good selection of photos taken by a professional photographer will do wonders for any escort looking to attract new clients. Your pictures are initially what catches the eye and intrigues a potential client to want to discover more about the handsome well-groomed gent who's made the effort to stand out from the crowd.

I'm currently speaking with a few photographers who I'm looking to partner with so we can offer the men we work with professional photography services in a studio setting at reduced rates as part of our overall web design package. We've decided to do this because there's no point in having a fancy website if you don't have good quality pictures to showcase your talents. (We'll provide updates on this soon).

3. Poor organisational skills

Time is a precious commodity and clients tend not to enjoy wasting it on people who they pay to deliver a service. If you can't show up on time or manage your various client bookings effectively, they will simply find someone else who can.

I've met quite a few escorts with poor organisational skills that have resulted in late arrivals and completely missed bookings which in this industry is a major red card violation.

I myself can have a pretty bad memory when it comes to dates and locations, which is odd considering my chosen profession but my organisational skills are pretty good and I use various tools to help me keep track of what I need to. In fact, I've found that I perform better than I would otherwise because I have to make a conscious effort to stay on top of it.

I have to manage high-value client bookings worth tens of thousands of pounds that can involve first -class flights to multiple locations, various hotel and restaurant reservations, scheduled events and workshops in remote locations, transportation ranging from mopeds and boats to camels, beauty appointments, chores and even a shopping list that can include a particular brand of organic moisturiser for sensitive skin.

I'm sure there are many who would use a diary to manage activities like this but I prefer a project management tool like Trello shown below.

(Sample picture)

Granted this may not be required of most escorts in the profession but I see many guys who fail to manage a simple diary effectively which often results in unhappy clients who won't want to rebook them. And considering how hard it can be to develop mutually beneficial relationships with high-value clients that you can connect with, this is something that really ought to be managed a lot more effectively.

We can all make mistakes and I am definitely no exception but in most cases, all that is required is honest reflection and the ability to accept constructive criticism. In this day and age, we are fortunate to have access to an almost endless supply of resources that can help us achieve anything we set our minds to.

Madison James Consulting was set up as a direct response to the constant stream of emails that I receive from both new and experienced guys in the industry seeking advice on the many issues that can affect us all. And in this line of work, it can be difficult (for men especially) to find helpful guidance from those who can relate to the challenges they face.

If you'd like to get in touch to discuss your own issues regarding your work as an escort, feel free to reach out.

We'll speak again soon.

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