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5 Reasons You're Not Getting £10-20k+ Bookings

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

In the world of high-class escorting, regular client bookings are your bread and butter. However, the focus should be on quality over quantity with an aim to deliver an experience that keeps the client coming back for more.

This is often developed over time as it can take a while to build trust and secure extended five figure bookings where you can be with a client for several weeks. But many escorts never get to experience this side of the business because of some common mistakes that are made right at the start that sets the tone of the relationship.

Reason #1. You think short term

This is super common and most escorts have a mindset geared up for this because they think in terms of 'one-night bookings'. Many will say this is due to the type of client that they get but client selection is a two-way street and if all you are getting are 2-4 hour bookings then that's down to how you position yourself in the market.

For many, regular 2-4 hour bookings are exactly what they are looking for and that's fine, but with the type of clients that I see, they are women who travel often and want to spend time doing fun adventurous activities so a 4 hour booking is barely enough for a flight across Europe.

If you tailor your offering and focus on this type of client, that's who you'll attract and she'll book you for longer periods of time.

Reason #2. You neglect the importance of building relationships

Women, on the whole, are creatures of emotion and sensitivity, and they are usually very good communicators. They pick up on signals and vibes most guys are completely oblivious too. Even for myself, as someone who actively pays attention, I am still learning ALL the time.

Without strong relationships, there's nothing for you and the client to build on besides the physical and that is not enough to build deep desire long term. There will always be other escorts who are taller, better looking, have a better body and are better in bed, so the physical alone is not enough. The strength of the relationship is built on a mental connection that is created by understanding how women think and tuning in to their emotions in a genuine way.

This type of relationship is built on trust and a willingness to open up and share which requires a certain level of vulnerability. Most men shy away from this as it's usually a little too far outside their comfort zone.

But if you want clients who are willing to spend thousands of pounds on you and fly you away to locations on the other side of the world, that will be based on the nature of your relationship, not the length of your penis.

Reason #3. You don't know how to handle conflict

The more time you spend with a client, especially in an intimate setting, the more likely you are going to have to deal with conflict. I'm not necessarily talking about massive fallouts, although that can definitely happen, I'm referring to situations where a client may be upset and you don't resolve it fully.

Conflict resolution requires good, honest communication where both parties are able to express themselves and feel like they have been heard. Men, we do not always need to SOLVE a woman's problem, sometimes she just wants to be understood. Other times we may be in the wrong in which case we have to own up and take responsibility. There will also be times when she may be in the wrong and you're well within your right to call her on that too.

The end result of a conflict may mean that you both decide to go your separate ways but this is something that you need to be able to accept. However, if you and your client are able to move forward, these situations can really strengthen your connection and add authenticity to your time spent together.

Reason #4. You let your insecurities get the better of you

We all have insecurities but this is not something that a client should have to deal with. If you've been booked for an evening, there isn't too much that can go wrong in the scheme of things, but when you're with a client for weeks on end, it requires a completely different skill set.

You may find yourself in situations where your client is in a mood and wants to be left alone for a while, or perhaps there is a social event and she asks you to keep your distance for the night, or perhaps she is spending time with other men and there is intimacy involved.

There can be any number of situations that may trigger a negative response that can leave you feeling shitty. As a professional, it's our responsibility to manage these emotions so they do not affect our state of mind and we are able to be there for the client in a way that works for them.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't set boundaries, they are vitally important. You should always make your position clear so each party knows what is expected of them but you can never account for every eventuality. The key is to focus on your client's happiness and keep your ego firmly in check. Remember, it's not about you, it's about the client.

Reason #5. You can't satisfy her consistently

An evening of passionate encounters with a client in a swanky hotel is something most escorts can relate to. Giving the client a kiss goodbye in the morning and leaving her to recover is often part of the job but could you perform like that every day for 2 weeks straight?

After a few days of continuous sex where you repeatedly shoot your load, you're going to be drained both physically and mentally. If you are drained, your performance will be lacklustre and the client will notice. Whilst this may be common for many men and the client may understand, she's not paying you to be 'many men', she's paying you to be special.

I'm not saying that we need to be superhuman, although it would help, what I am saying is that we do need to take the time to LEARN how to please women in a way that can be sustained over a long period of time. This means you have the energy and throbbing desire to ravage her over and over again for the duration of your time together.

This is not necessarily about deep pounding penetration in a million and one exotic positions, this is about learning how to nurture intense arousal within your client. This means taking your time to explore every inch of her body and mind intimately and learning exactly how to turn her on in ways that no one else can.

Pleasing a client is a subject that goes way beyond the scope of this post but the point that I'm making is that your ability to satisfy your client (consistently) over extended periods of time both physically and mentally requires a constant willingness to learn and improve. This is what makes her want to book you for weeks at a time, instead of the 50,000 other escorts she could hire in your place.

We'll speak again soon.

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