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5 Things To Look For In The Ideal Client

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

One of the characteristics that define the world of high-class escorting is the calibre of client and the nature of the relationships that develop. Trust, connection and sexual chemistry are all vitally important but we all look for different things based on what matters to us as escorts.

With this in mind, I will provide 5 key traits that can be applied right across the board when it comes to identifying the ideal client.

1. A client who respects the work you do

A client who recognises that you are a professional and respects the work you do is always a pleasure to work with. Some clients will take an active interest in your business purely from a desire to see you do well. Clients like this are rare and should be treated with extra special care and attention.

2. They always pay on time

Clients who pay on time without any fuss should be appreciated as they make what we do possible and without them, this industry wouldn't exist. I've had clients pay huge sums of money up front before even meeting me. Whilst I don't recommend it, this gesture of goodwill and faith should be treated with the utmost consideration and gratitude. Some clients will pay a modest deposit up front and the same level of appreciation should be shown because they are putting their trust in us to provide a service.

3. They are genuinely pleasant to be around

Having a client who you find sexy is great, but if you enjoy her company as well, this will make for a healthier relationship. There will be times when issues arise that need to be resolved so being with a client who you actually get on with can make things a lot easier to deal with. Taking the time to ensure she is well looked after will feel a lot more natural if you actually care about her satisfaction. Also, sex is likely to be much better as the connection will be more intense and you'll want to please her even more.

4. They want to satisfy you in bed

A lot of time is spent focusing on how to satisfy our clients and rightly so, but when a client is equally passionate about pleasing you, sparks can really fly. Sexual encounters with clients can sometimes be unfulfilling and as much as we may try to please them, if there is no chemistry, it can feel very much like a job. So when you find a client who wants you to enjoy your time together as much as she does, this creates an environment where you can really explore each other intimately.

5. The Super Client

The Super Client is someone who takes an active interest in your life. They may pay for you to experience life-changing events or provide you with access to resources to help you in some other way. This may not sound like the typical type of thing that a client would do but that's because it's not. This is the 'elite realm' of clients who genuinely care about you because of the way you add value to their lives. Speaking from experience, I would not be the man I am today if it were not for certain clients who have helped me to evolve along the way. Women like this are in a league of their own and their happiness should be our top priority because they deserve it.

There will be many traits that could be added to this list but overall, I think it's important to be able to connect with your client in a way that works for you both. This will vary from one client to another but having an awareness of the nature of your relationship and how you interact will better prepare you when dealing with situations as they arise.

Some clients will be fiery and passionate, others will be reserved and some may be indifferent. You may get on really well with all of these personality types and so long as you can make them work for you, that's all that matters.

We'll talk again soon.

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