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An Epic Sex Guide (For Men) PODCAST

Updated: Feb 8

Some of you may not know but I've been running a podcast for a while over at: mainly aimed at my female clients but I do create some content just for us guys so I thought I'd share episode 22 with you, titled: "An Epic Sex Guide For Men"

I've heard women complain about sex being boring, painful, too short, too long, even too intense but I've never heard a woman complain about having too many amazing orgasms.

So in this very special episode, I explore why so many men are not able to satisfy their partners fully and what they can do to supercharge their sex lives and give themselves and their woman the most EPIC sex they have ever experienced.

In this episode we look at everything that effects a mans ability to perform from diet to mental health and I share explicit advice on how to drive a woman crazy in my step-by-step guide for men. Hope you enjoy.

Listen to Podcast here.

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