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Discounts Are For Amazon, Not High-Class Escorts

The title of this post alone should be enough to make the point but judging by what we see from some of the escorts online, perhaps we need to delve a little deeper.

What well-to-do woman embarks on a quest to find the perfect high-class escort with a view to securing a bargain or discount in the process. Similarly, when have you ever heard a woman gush about her new boyfriend and describe him as 'a fantastic bargain' or 'a good deal?' (I'll wait...)

This just doesn't happen, and for good reason - women who book high-class escorts expect to have their fantasies fulfilled, or at the very least, be made to feel totally amazing by a man who doesn't need to offer Amazon style discounts to attract clients.

So then begs the question, why do we see escorting profiles where guys think that it's a good idea to pitch themselves as 'value for money', 'reasonably priced', 'a good bargain', or wait for it..., 'free-to-try'? Who are these guys expecting to attract? Because I'm pretty sure that any client who is going to haggle about your rates like a market trader is probably not going to be someone who you'd really want to entertain as a high-class escort.

The ability to negotiate rates with a client, especially with long-term high-value bookings is a vitally important skill that we offer a lot of advice on but stating that you are 'reasonably' priced is highly unlikely to fill your client with throbbing desire.

This is a clear example of not understanding your audience or the true nature of the service being provided. So let's drill down a bit further still and ask the question 'What exactly does a high-class escort provide?'

As high-class escorts, more than anything, we provide an experience. This can come in a million and one different forms from a BDSM torture session in a London basement to a fun-filled nature excursion on the other side of the world. As different as these experiences may be, there's one thing they both have in common, and this can be applied right across the board - they are designed to make the client feel absolutely amazing.

Offering her a discounted rate is not going to make her BDSM orgasm any more enjoyable, or her nature excursion any more adventurous. In fact, it may have the complete opposite effect as you would have inevitably lowered your value. She may wonder to herself how much better her experience may have been if she spent it with an escort who didn't feel the need to offer a special deal to secure the booking.

The perception of value in the work we do is not the same as value in most other industries. The client derives value from how we make them feel and the intimate memories that we leave them with. The way we walk, talk, act and treat them are all contributing factors and will have much more of an impact on a clients level of satisfaction than a 15% discount. Tom Ford doesn't charge $605 for 250ml of Plum Japonais Eau de Parfum because he's trying to offer 'value for money', he does it because he wants to offer something special, unique and aimed at a particular type of customer. (He's never ever discounted this product - and its been on my Wishlist for well over a year).

If you don't understand your client and the true nature of the service you provide, you'll be at a huge disadvantage compared with other escorts who do. They will have learnt to speak the same language and communicate with them on a level that stimulates arousal and desire without any hint of a monetary discount.

One thing we try to instil in the men we work with here at the consultancy is to know the value of what they bring to the table beyond their hourly rate. As high-class escorts, of course, our services come with a price tag, however, a large element of what we do is unquantifiable. After all, how can you put an exact figure on the feeling a woman gets when her sexuality has been nurtured in a way that they have never felt before. This for me is where the true value of a high-class escort lies, not in a 15% off special promotion.

Your experience within this industry will be heavily impacted by the rates you charge and how you choose to market your services. If you're not happy with the results, change your approach.

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