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How To Become An Escort

The #1 question that I get asked by men is 'How do I become an escort?' - so I thought I'd lay it all out for you in this post.

By the way, I've created a pretty good escorts guide for men imaginatively titled 'An Escort's Guide' so make sure you check it out but I'll be referencing it a lot during this post so keep reading.

1. What Type Of Escort Do You Want To Be?

Assuming you've made the decision that this is something that you actually want to do, you'll need to figure out what type of escorting would work best for you. I'd strongly advise that you only do what you're comfortable with. Here is a link to the type of experiences that I offer and here is a link to the 'Is escorting for you?' section of my guide.

2. Work As An Independent Escort Or With An Agency?

Next, decide if you want to work independently or with an agency. Starting out on your own is tough and most people in mainstream business won't want anything to do with you. So unless you know how to market your services online you'll probably want to consider an escort agency like the ones I've listed on the 'Is escorting for you?' page of my escort's guide.

In addition to that, you'll want to have your own website if it's something you want to take seriously because you'll struggle to build your own client base otherwise. Agencies won't take too kindly to you poaching their clients and it's not really a cool thing to do. I suggest you sign up with an escort agency and work on driving traffic to your website at the same time.

We build awesome sites for guys like us so if you're interested, check out our web design section and get in touch for a free consultation. Who knows, I might even create my own escorting agency one day! What do you think?;) Submit your vote on the right!

3. Sort Out Your Photoshoot

Organising your own photoshoot is not particularly difficult if you do a little research. I arranged my first photoshoot within a few days. Here is a checklist but I strongly suggest that you check out this article 'How-To Plan a Photoshoot in 15 Steps' and take some time to digest the information in the post. Not everything will be applicable so see what's relevant to you.

You can find photographers at The Association of Photographers website and also on People Per Hour and Fiverr. My first shoot cost me about £300 all in so if you get quotes way above that, you'll probably want to look elsewhere unless you have the budget for it.

Remember good photos are essential and if you're aiming at the high-end market this is the standard you're competing with.

4. Contact Agencies

Again, if you refer to the 'Is escorting for you?' section of my guide you'll find a bunch of escort agencies listed at the bottom of the page. Do your research and contact those ones who you feel will most likely appeal to your type of client.

Take your time and make sure that you are clear on how they operate and what protocol they have in place. I'd probably not be inclined to inform everyone that you've just started from the outset - they'll ask about your experience when the time is right and you can disclose what you're comfortable sharing.

5. Get Your Escorting Website Built

After your first few jobs, you'll soon know if it's something that you'd like to continue with. If so, get your site built! We build fully responsive websites specifically tailored to the escorting industry but of course there are others out there. One word of advice, be sure the company specialises in escorting sites for the adult industry and try your best to avoid the really corny ones which seem to be about 99% of them.

Read more about that here in my post aptly titled 'Why Do So Many Escorting Sites Look Like Shit?'

Site content is super important too because Google love it and women will 100% be combing through your site before they decide to contact you. Poorly written copy with typos will suggest that you don't pay as much attention to detail as you should.

We write high-quality SEO friendly copy from the 'About us' page to 'Terms and Conditions' so get in touch if you need a hand or you can hit someone up on People Per Hour or Fiverr.

6. Set Up A Proper Email Address

Nothing screams unprofessional like a freemail account but yet so many still think it's ok when contacting clients. Personally, any business that attempts to sell me a service via a freemail account goes straight in the bin.

Of course, you get away with it in some industries but when you start charging clients thousands of pounds for your time, the least you can do is shell out £10 a year for a domain.

You can still run it through a freemail account like Gmail but it will be your own address. Here's a video explaining how to set it up: This guy uses Host Gator to register his domain but I prefer 1and1. Check out 'The Best Domain Registrars in 2019' for a breakdown of the different providers.

7. Marketing Your Site

Now, this is where the work begins so roll your sleeves up! This is a slow process that you can build on as your bookings come in from your agency. You can find a whole bunch of information on the marketing techniques that get me featured in various publications like The Times, Marie Claire, Cosmo, The Sun, BBC Radio and others in the marketing section of 'An Escort's Guide' titled: 'Marketing Your Escort Business'

I'd also suggest you get your hands on a few marketing and business development books because that's a large part of the job. See: The Top 10 Marketing Books of All Times.

If you're like me and love to read but do it very slowly and fall asleep halfway through, I'd suggest getting 'Audible', the audiobook service from Amazon.

There's a lot more that I could cover but I've already done that in 'An Escort's Guide' so check it out from the start and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Either myself or someone from my team will get back to you.

Ps. Thanks for all the positive emails, I appreciate it.

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