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How To Create Experiences Your Clients Will Love

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Escorting is typically referred to as the 'services' industry which to me, conjures up images of an oily mechanic rather than a well-groomed gentleman of the night. That's not to say there isn't sometimes a need to play the greasy mechanic when the occasion calls for it but I digress. I use the term myself but I don't see escorting as providing a 'service' as such, for me, it's all about the experience - this is what the client pays for.

The 'experience' is a collective term for all the minute details that are brought together to create a moment in time that adds genuine value to a client's life in a certain way. This needn't be elaborate or something out of the ordinary but it does need to give the client exactly what they want if you intend to receive regular bookings instead of one-off encounters.

The experiences offered should be done in a way that resonates with your personality so if you're a fun party guy who likes a wild night out in the city or travelling to lively locations, you should tailor your offering to this type of client. Everything from your website design, your escorting profile and the content found on your blog, to your photographs and social media accounts, should all reflect this and appeal to who you would like to attract as a client.

I have recently updated my own services on my website to provide better insight into what type of experiences I offer. This includes First time experiences, Tantric massage, BDSM encounters and International travel. Under each section, I provide tantalising information about what my clients can expect and why they may want to spend time with me.

This also acts as a filter for certain clients who may not be looking for the type of experience that I offer which is important if you want to be able to create the type of lifestyle that works best for you. I have known of quite a few guys in this line of work who have literally burnt themselves out by accepting nearly every booking that comes their way, and unfortunately, some do this through necessity rather than choice.

But if you are in a position where you can choose who you see and when you see them, this makes for a much healthier approach to a job that can be very tough on some male escorts, female escorts too especially.

I've come across escorts who only accept clients who are over 50 years old, or over a certain weight. Some will only see clients of a certain ethnic persuasion or possess certain 'features' shall we say. There are some who only see millionaire and celebrity clients who can afford to pay them a monthly retainer. There are also escorts who offer to tie their clients up, smother them in jelly and whip them until they bleed (or pass out) whichever comes first. The point is, however you choose to present yourself and the experience you offer should be well suited to your personal preference so you can enjoy it and give the best 'service' possible.

In a profession such as this, they are many who believe that we simply show up wherever, to whoever has paid us money, provide sexual 'services' and then leave, and that pretty much constitutes what an escort does. Sure, there are some that do exactly that, but that's a completely different market with different client expectations. In the world of high-class escorting, in all its various niches, especially as a male escort, clients pay for the experience, and it's not cheap so they require more.

If you are considering this line of work, be sure to take some time to think about what type of experience you would like to offer in detail, who it is aimed at (creating a marketing persona may help) and how much your client would be willing to pay. As you gain more experience and expand your knowledge, fine-tune your experiences to better target your ideal client.

Here are a few examples of how I have refined my own experiences to best suit my interests. You can visit my site here for more examples.

In time, you'll have a refined offering that enables you to enjoy spending time with the right type of client who not only appreciates what you do but also turns you on like crazy. This is when work becomes easy because you want to go the extra mile to please them and it feels natural.

We'll talk again soon.

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