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How To Make Your Client Seriously Wet And Aroused BEFORE Even Meeting Her

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The title of this piece may seem a little 'clickbaity' but that's exactly what we're going to talk about, and it's probably something that your client will most likely never have experienced before, ...but will absolutely love it.

So in this post, we'll explore how to connect with your client in a way that not only leaves her super excited about meeting up but also seriously turned on at the thought of you being inside her.

There's no magic word or secret tip to share but there are some specific things that I do to create this type of desire in a client before I meet them.

So What Do I Do?

In essence, it's all about understanding how to really turn a woman on and a desire to make it happen. Imagine, meeting up with a client for the first time an all she's thinking about are the ways that you could please her as she feels the cold wetness of her juices seeping through her underwear.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this could be the start of an erotic novel but it's not - this is real, and it's about a mindset; a mindset that most men don't have but many women want. This may sound like a fantasy to some but are we not in the business of creating real-life fantasies for our clients?

So firstly, let's look at the word 'Fantasy' so we can dispel any notions of the unattainable, and better understand the true nature of the service that we as high-class escorts provide.

Fantasy; the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things.

That was straight out of the dictionary but it absolutely hits the nail on the head. Which begs the question - what is it about a woman's fantasy of being treated and pleasured in a certain way that constitutes a 'fantasy'? The words 'impossible or improbable' provide a clue.

Most fantasies are not impossible but based on what many women experience the world over, having their fantasies realised is often highly improbable.

It's usually a case of women not getting what they want, when they want it and how they want it from a partner\s in whatever type of relationship they may be in. It's these issues that usually dwell at the very heart of their fantasies and once ignited, you'll see all the layers of shame, guilt and inhibition start to strip away.

If nurtured right, a woman will openly tell you exactly how she wants you to fuck/pleasure her during your very first conversation - and it will be as natural as discussing her favourite wine or favourite food.

So Why Aren't Women Getting What They Want More Often?

I think a lot of it comes down to a willingness to please and create the right environment for open and honest communication to take place? Ask yourself, how many of us (both male and female) actively take the time to explore and learn how to be better, more skilled lovers?

- Do we read books, blogs and educational videos?

- Do we practice breathing exercises and self-pleasure?

- Do we learn about the different types of sensation that turns us on?

- Is our view on sexual development heavily focused on exotic positions and orgasm or do we make time to explore, make 'mistakes' and learn from them?

Both men and women have to take responsibility for this as many of us seldom take the time to learn what we really like and how we like it. Often our relationships may not provide the right environment for us to feel comfortable enough to do so but if we don't know what we want how can anybody else?

That's where we as high-class escorts come in because it's up to us to teach our clients how to get what they want and how to accept it without guilt or judgment.

So now that we have a clearer understanding of what a 'fantasy' really is, let's look at the fantasy many women have about meeting an experienced and skilled high-class escort who knows exactly how to push their buttons in ways they're not even aware of.

One of the first mistakes I see some escorts make once they receive a booking and a date has been set is that they wait until they're face to face with a client before they start turning things up - Don't do that!

Of course, we always have to factor in time because this is the commodity in which we trade but if you're looking to provide the best experience possible as a high-class escort, it requires time to build connection and trust so factor this into your rates.

The advice that I give the men that I work with at the consultancy is to start creating the fantasy for your client way before you meet them providing there is sufficient time and the client is open to this.

I spend a good amount of time texting with the occasional phone call so she can hear my voice. During our conversations, I take time to ask and then listen to what she has to say about her past experiences and what she's looking to gain from our time together. Often, many women may not feel comfortable or even able to tell you exactly what they want but the perfect way to help guide her is by setting the scene for her to explore her body and mind with you over the phone.

Don't be afraid to explain exactly what it is you would like to do with her and then simply extend the invitation for her to join you (or not). Being direct about your intentions can be extremely sexy and seductive so embrace it and communicate your desires clearly.

Before I go any further, I would be remiss if I didn't caveat this point by stating that it's very important to use good judgment as to whether or not your client may be open to this type of conversation. And of course, full consent should be inherent in everything that we do.

Setting The Scene For Her To Let Go

Providing your initial interactions with your new client have been warm and open and you've created a space where she feels free to discuss issues of a sexual nature, I would often set the scene by putting some time aside in the evening for my client and I to have a relaxed conversation on the phone.

Our conversation will be on the topic of pleasure and exploration and I will invite her to relax and breathe deeply with me as we talk and tune in to each other. Sometimes music may be playing in the background but it's not necessary.

Exploring Her Body

When she's feeling relaxed and comfortable, I invite her to slowly start massaging her stomach around her belly button and between the top of her thighs. I remind her to continue breathing deeply and focus on my voice and the idea of me touching her in exactly the way she likes.

Exploring Her Mind

I now invite her to send her awareness to wherever she places her hands on her body as she continues to breathe deeply.

I will invite her to slowly start caressing her entire mid-section but avoid all erogenous zones.

By now, she may be in her underwear and wanting to take it off, but I may ask her to keep it on for added suspense.

Get Her To Visualise What She's Feeling

Women's minds are a lot better at visualisation which is why they tend to love erotic stories, even poorly written ones like 'The Fifty Shades of Grey saga.

I may ask her to describe her room, the lighting, the feel and textures of the covers, and the scent that she wears. I want to know all the juicy details that her mind uses to bring her fantasy to life.

With this in mind, I may now ask her to describe how she's feeling and where she's feeling it. I may ask her where she wants to touch next and why? How much she wants to touch herself and what she'd like me to do to her if I were there with her.

Learn How To Give A Yoni (Pussy) Massage

The Yoni massage is a super intense way for a woman to experience the pleasure of having her body and vagina explored in ways that many may not be familiar with. I guide her hands throughout as she starts to massage the most sensitive regions of her body starting from her neck all the way down to her hips and lower thighs, towards the outside of the lips of her pussy (Labia), and then eventually on to her her clit and maybe her g-spot if this feels nice for her.

This is not something to be rushed and it's not the same as getting her to finger herself, it's a very different experience altogether. It's about very slowly arousing different parts of her most sensitive regions through the sensation of touch starting from the outside and working your way in.

The Yoni massage should definitely be something you familiarise yourself with - you can learn more about Yoni massage here.

Tease The Life Out Of Her

If there's one place where fantasies are conjured up, it has to be in the realm of teasing. Simply put - Teasing creates desire, desire creates fantasies. Ergo, learn to master teasing, it's an essential tool of seduction that will definitely help separate you from 99% of the other men out there. This topic alone deserves its own post but I'll distil the essence below for the sake of brevity.

Knowing when NOT to give a woman what she wants is just as important as knowing WHEN to give her what she wants. It can create an insanely powerful urge within her that literally drives her crazy.

Being able to judge situations like this is essential when it comes to building heart palpitating desire. Do you give your client what she wants just because she asks for it or do you make her work a little harder until she really really wants it? Remember, being a 'Yes Man' doesn't build desire, however, being a man who knows when to give her what she wants at the right time, does.

Here's an example that I've explored many times before and it feels amazing for both, but be prepared to frustrate the hell out of her because it's intense.

After about 30-40 minutes when she starts to become seriously aroused from touching herself, tell her to slow things down and breathe deeply into the sensation. Get her to keep her arousal at a point just before orgasm but not too close that she loses control. She may be begging you to let her cum but DONT. Tell her to control the sensation as she slows down and speeds up the stroking of her labia, clit and g-spot as desired.

Keep her doing this for some time until she's completely ready to let go and then slowly start to calm her down all the way. Get her to relax by gently massaging and caressing her thighs and midsection as her vagina will be palpitating and her body flooded with endorphins.

Once she has come down from the high, ask her not to release or touch herself until you meet a few days from now. Perhaps you may choose to repeat this experience with her a few times over a number of days which can be a complete mind fuck so use with caution - I mean that.

Now The Fantasy Begins

After an experience like this, your client will be extremely turned on and open. The very idea of you being inside her and allowing her to release will completely consume her thoughts as she tries to control her desire.

She may experience random wetness with thoughts drifting to things of an intimate nature at seemingly inappropriate times like when she's at work, at the gym or generally going about her day.

Here's a message that I received from client after we shared a similar experience.

This is the realm where fantasies reside and this is where you should firmly position yourself in her mind. As you can imagine, by the time you finally do manage to get your hands on each other, her pussy will literally be palpitating at the thought of releasing her orgasm and it will be written all over her face.

So long as you remain honest and consistent and continue to create an environment where she's free to let go and explore, that's exactly what she'll do. But this is more than just creating fantasies, this is about learning the language of primal desire and how to nurture it in a caring and responsible way within a woman. We'll touch on this more in later posts.

We'll talk again soon.

Your friend,


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