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How To Select Clients That Suit Your Lifestyle

One of the main issues I see facing many escorts is the lack of awareness when it comes to selecting the right clients to suit the lifestyle they want to live. The very subject of client selection is one not often discussed in detail but given the intimate nature of the work we do, this should be a priority.

For most escorts who receive typical bookings via an agency, the usual screening process is likely to be sufficient. However, when it comes to independent escorts who may spend days and even weeks with a client, the dynamic of the relationship is completely different. There are occasions when after having spoken with a potential client at length, I have decided that I may not be the best match for them. I'm not necessarily advocating this approach for every escort out there because clearly there are many who operate differently to myself but for those who are interested, I will highlight a few key points for your consideration when screening a client.

Can you deliver what the client is looking for?

For most escorts, client requirements tend to be relatively straightforward whether it's a couple looking for a bit of fun for an evening, a young professional woman looking for a boyfriend experience or a submissive man looking to be humiliated in a BDSM session.

However, if a potential client is looking for a partner to attend an Ayahuasca healing ceremony in Peru, or perhaps a sexual development retreat in India, or a 265 km hike in Newfoundland, Canada, this requires a lot more consideration in terms of planning, timing, emotional availability, not to mention compatibility and safety.

Of course, the fee for these types of bookings is likely to be considerable but there are other factors to think about like are you mentally prepared for an intense experience (Ayahuasca) that could potentially trigger an emotional breakdown? Will you be able to provide the right kind of support to a client on their journey of sexual enlightenment or will your insecurities be an issue? Are you physically capable of a long hike in tough conditions? In fact, do you even like hiking?

I've seen guys find themselves in difficult situations that could have been avoided so it's important to be honest with ourselves and others. Dealing with questions like this may not be the sexiest topic of discussion and it's unlikely to be covered in your typical 'How to be an escort' guide but if this is the type of lifestyle you want to live, these are some very real conversations that ought to be had.

At this level, it's very much akin to weighing up a potential dating partner because they are real relationships with real emotions that exist in a world of their own. I think it would be extremely difficult not to develop feelings for someone who you'd travelled halfway across the world with, especially if you'd shared some life-changing moments together. This is a very grey area and there are some who prefer to keep things more black and white, which I completely respect, but I enjoy the intimacy of the grey and it works for me and my clients.

The important thing to consider is what type of lifestyle you're looking to live and what type of client will help you achieve that. Do you want the city life with lots of parties and wild sex? If so, make sure your clients are looking for the same thing. Do you enjoy romantic weekends in the countryside snuggled up in bed with a client? If so, focus on this and tailor your experiences to appeal to clients in that space. Or perhaps you enjoy an unpredictable mix of what may come your way. Whatever it is, be honest with yourself and your client, and fully embrace what you do.

This line of work can be mentally and emotionally taxing, especially if money is always the overriding factor. Here are some general questions that may help you better understand what a potential client is looking for and whether you are likely to be a good match.

These questions are not designed to be repeated word for word, they are pointers for your consideration so always remember to read the situation and be tactful.

1. What do they hope to gain from your time together?

2. What prompted them to contact you

3. Have they been with an escort before?

4. If 'yes', what was the experience like?

5. What is their current situation relationship wise?

6. What is their sexual background?

7. What boundaries do they have?

8. Do they have any potential triggers that you need to be aware of?

9. What are the specific details and requirements of the booking?

10. What can you do to ensure that they receive exactly what they want?

Also, remember to ask for verification of who they are like a social media profile on LinkedIn or Facebook. You may be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement. You can download my template here.

There are many more questions that could be added but these should help you cover the basics. Be sure to take time to really understand what your client is looking for and do not rush into anything. This can be difficult if it's your first booking and you're a little excited but with experience, this process will not only become easier, but it could also be very enjoyable, like meeting someone new for a date.

Just relax and remember to ask what you need to know and listen carefully to the answers you receive. If you have any further questions, you're welcome to get in touch for a free consultation.

We'll speak again soon.

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