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Is High-Class Escorting Right For You?

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

This is a question that I cover in my escort's guide where I address a few common questions from guys who are interested in getting into the industry.

Questions such as... "What is the difference between a regular and a high-class escort?", "What is expected on a first booking?" and "Should I choose an agency or work independently?".

These are all important questions but this post will address one that I think is far more fundamental, which is why you may want to get into this industry in the first place and what your objectives might be.

Anyone starting a new business should have a clear idea of this from the start and like any good business, the objective should be to provide the best experience possible, keep your clients happy and have the ability to earn a good living.

We'll take a closer look at these aspects as they are intricately (and in our case Intimately) dependent on each other.

Keeping your clients happy

This will mean different things to different people in the profession but I'm approaching this from the perspective of that of a high-class escort that provides a lot more than the usual companionship and services of an intimate nature. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course, but that has never really been my area of focus and I'll touch more on this later.

The key to keeping your client happy as a high-class escort is understanding their lifestyle, what they are missing, why they are coming to you, and how best you can add genuine value.

And anyone who can afford to pay you thousands of pounds for your company is not only likely to be rich, but also smart and well educated. This means that if you are not genuine in your efforts and are only interested in how much money you can get from them, they will probably see right through you - especially women.

You'll be meeting with successful professionals and people who come from money. This type of client tends to be of a discerning mindset with particular taste because they can afford to indulge. This inevitably sets the bar much higher in terms of what is required of the escorts that she may choose to spend time with.

This doesn't mean that she will be overly demanding or inconsiderate, it means that when she walks into an expensive boutique that sells handbags upwards of £5000, she is greeted at the door by a well-groomed assistant wearing a lovely Tom Ford fragrance, who offers to take her coat, pours her a glass of perfectly chilled champagne and offers her French Bulldog a cushion and a bowl of distilled water to sip on whilst she peruses their latest collection.

Is this necessary? Of course not, but as a client once told me, "I'm way beyond necessary darling." This is about understanding what your client expects and being able to give it to them, and a lot more.

Has your client contacted you because they have been married for 10 years in a relationship where they have everything they want besides hot passionate intimacy? Or perhaps, they are happily single and prefer the services of a high-class escort to the merry-go-round of the date-and-hope scene? Or perhaps she is looking for a skilled partner who can help her explore on her journey of sexual development?

It will be different for each client but what they all have in common is something that is missing that you may be able to provide if you are the right match.

Earning a good living

As I mentioned at the start of this post, the ability to run a profitable business is intricately linked to your ability to understand what the client requires. I also made reference to the different level of expectation to that of a regular escort so I'll expand on this a little more.

Providing such a high level of service with so much attention to detail may seem unnecessary, especially when you consider that many regular escorts out there aren't required to do half as much and still earn a good living.

The reason why high-class escorts like myself may choose this path is because of a certain type of lifestyle we get to enjoy, the level of intimacy and satisfaction and the potential of earning what the average person may consider a yearly wage in less than a month. There's also first class flights, 5-star villas and hotels, exotic locations, luxury spas and the best restaurants. The expenses for these types of bookings alone can amount to thousands of pounds.

I very rarely have more than 5 clients that I'm seeing at a time and I may only accept a handful of bookings per month, some months I may decide not to take any as I have other interests that I have the luxury of pursuing but when I do meet up with my clients, it would usually be a long weekend or a few weeks away in a new part of the world. This type of experience, as well as the money you earn for these types of bookings, is for me, what makes it all worth it.

As you can imagine, these types of bookings can require a lot of research and preparation if you're going to be accompanying your client somewhere you haven't been before, and doing something new like climbing the Andes, visiting the ancient ruins of Angkor in Cambodia, or taking part in a week-long Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru.

In the past, I've spent many hours reading up and researching certain subjects so I am able to provide a better level of support to my client whilst I'm with her. This isn't the type of booking you can just rock up to with a stiff dick and a warm smile, she can get that anywhere, literally. This type of client hires escorts like us because she requires more.

I sometimes manage my client bookings in a project management app like Trello that allows us to share information and create to-do lists for ourselves in order to better manage our time together. This is not only practical, but it also gives us time to get to know each other as we work towards creating an experience that she'll love. This is not always necessary but long bookings can have many moving parts that require careful planning to ensure things run smoothly. My job is to make her life easier in any way that I can so I'm happy to go the extra mile.

We are all different and what may interest one person may be completely different for another but the underlying principle is the importance of being true to yourself, understanding the nature of your service and who you provide it to, and enjoying what you do. So to give an answer to the title of this post - I'd have to say only you can decide if this line of work would be for you.

We'll talk again soon.

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