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Interview: Samantha X - Sexpert Advice For Men

Australian author, single mother, journalist, madam and sexpert, Samantha X is a modern-day woman who is dedicated to empowering other women.

After her relationship breakdown, Samantha decided to dip her toe into what she felt was an empowering industry, and became a high-class escort. In September 2014, Samantha went public and released her first book ‘Hooked – Secrets of a High-Class Escort’.

Her controversial story made global headlines and she was invited to LA and London to appear on various talk shows, as well as becoming a popular voice in the Australian press. While some attacked her for job choice, she soon became an inspiration for women and men worldwide wanting to know her secrets in and out of the bedroom.

I caught up with her to ask about her thoughts on what makes a man attractive and what she enjoys about her work as a high-class escort.

Madison: What traits do you find most attractive in a man and why?

Sam: In men, I love confidence, humour, kindness and a man who has manners. I can’t understand women who are insulted if a man holds a door open for them. Manners maketh man! Of course, liking dogs is a must too!

Madison: What are your big turn-offs in a man?

Sam: Biggest turn offs include rudeness, arrogance and anyone who flashes their money around.

Madison: What do you think are the most important traits for a man to possess when it comes to pleasing a woman sexually?

Sam: Sexually a man has to be confident and eager to please. The technique isn’t so important as everyone is different and likes different things.

Madison: How and why did you become an escort?

Sam: I started in a well-known establishment in Sydney at the age of 37. It was the right age for me. I had thought about escorting for years but was too scared and/or wasn’t the right time. I love men, I love sex and I love listening to Stories. And I love working my own hours. It’s the perfect job for me!

Madison: What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?

Sam: I think knowing I have made someone happy. I am not talking about sexually, but emotionally. Knowing someone walked intense and nervous, and walks out relaxed, content and de-stressed!

Madison: What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

Sam: Being stuck in a hotel room for three hours or more with someone I perhaps don’t click with. Those minutes go very slow.

Madison: What are the most important skills required to become a successful escort?

Sam: The ability to listen, to have compassion and to be kind. Also, the ability to read a person and a situation very very carefully and quickly.

Madison: What advice would you give to male escorts regarding dating in their personal lives?

Sam: Be honest. You can get through anything with communication.

Madison: Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me and my readers. It's very much appreciated and I wish you all the best.

Sam: Thanks Madison, same to you.

You can check out Samantha's site here.

Her books are also available on Amazon

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