• Madison James

The Orgasmic Business Card

Like any professional, the business card is a staple tool in any marketing mix but they don't have to be boring - and they can do a lot more than just provide a telephone number and email address.

Our job as high class escorts is to exceed our clients expectations so having a unique business card is a great way to start.

I decided to get a new batch of cards made as I have a few functions coming up over the next few months where they'll come in handy - plus you never know when you'll need them.

I asked myself if there was one thing that I could share with a client that would really give them an idea of what spending an evening with me would be like what might that be?

The answer was a podcast I created not too long ago called "Hypnosis: A Dark Orgasmic Experience." which has been received really well by my clients. Here's what one woman had to say after listening to it. (I'll do a post about how you can make your own podcast at some stage because they can be really effective.)

As you can see, the front of the card has my name and email address which is pretty standard. I used 450 gsm card with 'soft touch' finish from Instaprint which cost me about £30 for 250 cards.

The back however is a little different because I used a QR code which directs the client to the podcast that I want to share with them. Simply point your camera at the code and the link will pop up. If not, you may need to turn on your QR code reader in your settings but most phones do this automatically these days.

You can create your own QR code and have it link back to your website or blog if you have one. QR codes are simple to make and there are sites that will allow you to make them for free. I use QR code Monkey.

Once the client clicks on the link banner shown below they'll be directed to my site.

If you want to track the link, you can use a site like which will provide stats on how many times the link has been clicked and where that person was located along with some other cool stuff. You can see an example below.

Once clicked, the client will be taken to a specific page on my site where they can listen to my podcast. You're welcome to listen to the audio to get an idea but I should probably let you know it's definitely intended for women - if you get what I mean! Link.

And there you have it, an orgasmic business card that will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. By-the-way, a friendly disclaimer, it's illegal to leave cards of this nature lying around in a hotel lobby, bar or any public space for that matter so be selective with who you choose to give them out to.

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