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The Sun: Make Her Go Weak At The Knees

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ESCORT Madison James charges £1,800 for an overnight “job” – and he is not short of satisfied female clients.

The self-described sex expert has even set up a service to teach other male escorts how to do a better job. Madison, 39, says: “Lots of my clients who are in relationships say men aren’t focused on pleasing them enough.

They don’t take the time to fully explore their bodies and they often find it difficult to accept advice.

“It’s one of the reasons why people like me exist because I think men don’t invest the time in learning how to please a woman. It’s something we assume we instinctively know or should know. It’s really important to take the time to learn what makes your partner tick.”

Now, with the help of model Shelly Dulieu, Madison has created a sexy seven-day guide for Sun readers who want to spice up their love lives.

We asked dancer Samantha Fisher, from Maidstone, Kent, and her long-term boyfriend Joe Stribley, a road worker, to try out the advice and share their sensual experiences.

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CREATE your own secret code by turning to your partner and saying: “Whenever I stroke the back of your neck/arm/ear etc, I’m thinking about us having sex.”

You’ll need to do this quite a few times during the week so she begins to associate being touched in that particular area with sex.

Before long, she’ll instinctively know exactly what you’re thinking without you having to say a word.

Everyone has a sweet spot that turns them on so be sure to pick one that works for her.

But remember, you’ll need to be able to do it in public without people noticing. It’s your own secret code that no one else can understand and you can use anywhere.

And remember, no sex yet.

SAMANTHA SAYS: “I really enjoyed this part as it was so much fun. It was very effective and it was exciting to do it in public as no one else is aware. Joe did this by tickling the back of my neck, which I love.”
JOE SAYS: “I haven’t done anything like this before, but it was so much fun. It was like we were teenagers again. She actually blushed a few times.”


WHEN she gets in from work, hold her in a hug – not a two-second hug but one where you can really feel the warmth of her body.

Ask her to visualise releasing all the stresses of the day as you melt into each other’s arms.

Look directly at her, let her know that you’ve missed her and make her feel safe and secure.

Later that evening, light some scented candles and settle down to watch telly or a boxset.

Once she’s relaxed, ask for her hand and say you would like to give her a hand massage.

Pay particular attention to the texture of her skin and be sure to ask what feels nice.

But remember, don’t have sex.

SAMANTHA SAYS: “This was the perfect way to wind down after a long day on my feet. I didn’t find it particularly difficult not to have sex, as we were both chilled out and ready to sleep.”
JOE SAYS: “Fortunately for Sam, I don’t mind giving her a massage as I know it helps her relax after a long day. At the beginning of the week we’re both quite tired so we just drifted off to sleep.”


GIVE her 300 kisses, but she gets to choose where.

The kisses can range from a safe, small peck to one with a real sting.

When it starts getting down to the final 50, she’ll really start to think about where she wants to be kissed next and it might not be where you think. But remember, still no sex yet.

JOE SAYS: “I love to do this with Sam to be honest. I enjoyed kissing her all over and actually didn’t mind not getting any attention back.”
SAMANTHA SAYS: “I loved this part of the challenge. My favourite place to be kissed was on my neck and the kisses were really soft and intimate.”


EXPLORE the spectrum of your partner’s arousal. Kiss, stroke and lick, but don’t let her orgasm.

On a scale of one to ten, don’t let her go above an eight. Keep her rising and falling  between four and seven. But don’t have sex.

Continue this over the coming days.  It will  be a challenge as every day without orgasm will intensify the level of arousal for both of you.

You can send her text messages throughout the day reminding her of the night before. Also, ask her what she would like you to do to her when you get back home.

Get her to use her imagination and let her know that you’re there to please her in every way.

And don’t be surprised if she comes home slightly frustrated, just make sure you comfort her and encourage her to be patient.

JOE SAYS: “I loved this as it was exciting but also very intense.”
SAMANTHA SAYS: “I did enjoy this part but it was difficult throughout the change of levels as he was a huge tease. As you can imagine, it was very frustrating.”


WHEN she steps out of the shower, offer to moisturise her entire body.

You can use massage oil – but make sure it’s above room temperature.

Add a few drops of her favourite essential oil before gently stroking her body up and down.

But be sure to avoid her erogenous zones.

Ask her to close her eyes and to send her awareness to wherever she feels your hands on her body. As you gently massage her, inhale the scent of the oil on her body and slowly exhale. But remember, don’t have sex.

JOE SAYS: “I loved doing this. Sam has an amazing body, so it’s always a pleasure. It did turn me on and I found it difficult to refrain from having sex.”
SAMANTHA SAYS: “This was my favourite. I mostly enjoyed the fact Joe used my favourite oil and took his time to massage my back and feet.”


ORAL pleasure is a great way to start the day before you rush off to work.

Use this moment to set the tone for the rest of the day.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is embrace your partner and then move down.

She’ll be super turned on after the week you’ve both had so pace yourselves. Tune in to her breathing.

By this stage, she’ll be desperate with desire. But don’t have sex.

JOE SAYS: “I’ll be honest that at this point it was so difficult not receiving anything in return, but it was still an amazing thing to do for Sam.”
SAMANTHA SAYS: “This part of the challenge was a bit alien for me as we never take time to do this in our busy daily schedules. It has been a long week, and it was so frustrating not being able to ‘finish’. But it definitely made a difference to my day. I was smiling all day.”


TONIGHT is the night – you can finally have full sex.

Brace yourself though because she will probably be ready to devour you for teasing her so wickedly.

Make sure you look her deep in the eyes and really connect with her energy.

Encourage her to let go and hold her close.

And to make this experience even more intense, breathe deeply from your stomach and slow down the pace.

SAMANTHA SAYS: “We went to the cinema and ordered a takeaway before we made our way to the bedroom. It was such a nice build-up after what seemed like a long week, but was well worth it. Madison’s tip about breathing made such a difference as it helped just slow the process down and made it more intense. I will ask Joe to do more of this deep breathing in the future.”
JOE SAYS: “Our night was perfect and was worth the wait. I found the whole challenge enjoyable as it’s really lovely to do all these things for Sam. She works incredibly hard so it was lovely to just take time to appreciate her. I’d really recommend this challenge to other couples who are looking to bring back a little excitement to their love lives.”

Madison has an intense seven-day Tantric Challenge card game which will definitely have you and your partner ripping each others clothes off.

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