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So, You've Got Your First Booking, Now What?

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

For many in the industry, meeting a new client may be just part of your day but for those who are new to escorting, this could be a little nerve-racking - but it needn't be.

In this post, we'll cover the key aspects of your first client booking to consider so things run smoothly and hopefully result in a repeat booking. (If that's what you'd like). Assuming you've fully screen your client and set a location and a date to meet a few days in advance, it's time to prep to ensure you provide the best experience possible.

Let's use a typical booking as an example; drinks at a nice bar in the city followed by a nigh-cap back at her hotel.

The first thing to do is cover the basics like ensuring you're able to find the location on the day - being late or arriving hot and flustered shouldn't be part of the experience. Check your route if you're taking public transport and see if there will be any possible delays. If you're driving check that you're not likely to get stuck in traffic and also see what the best parking options are. The city is notorious for towing cars at the most inconvenient time. (The Just Parking app comes in handy).

Also, have a look at the venue on Google maps so you know what to expect when you arrive. Check the restaurant's website and have a read of the reviews on a site like Trip Advisor to see what people say about the venue. If for example, it's known to be a little cold due to a large outdoor section that they tend to keep open, rocking up in a shirt with three buttons undone may not be ideal. The less you have to worry about when you're with the client, the more you can focus on making her happy.

Speaking of clothes, my standard recommended attire for a bar in a nice part of town is a clean crisp black shirt that I will iron in the morning (or the night before if it's an early booking) along with a pair of trousers, or perhaps a nice pair of black jeans if the occasion calls for it. An easy way to decide on what to wear is to ask the client how they intend to dress. I tend not to ask the client what I should wear unless they bring it up, I prefer to use my initiative.

A small point I'd like to make about shoes - women notice them and it says a lot about you so make sure they are clean and not worn down to the base of the heel. If your shoes have seen better days and you can't shell out on new ones you can usually revive them with a good bit of polish. Tip: keep shoes in a shoe bag and out of direct sunlight. It also helps to give them a light polish if you won't be wearing them for a while as this conditions the leather.

Being well groomed goes without saying but this may mean slightly different things to different people. By well-groomed I mean freshly showered, a few hours before you leave home, with all the necessary parts shaven, plucked and trimmed. Be sure to floss, (pack half a toothpick in your inside pocket) clean your nails and moisturise your skin with something like Nivea for Men or organic shea or cocoa butter.

Pack an overnight man bag with all your bits and bobs in case the client requests that you stay over until the morning. Include at least two fresh boxers, socks, deodorant, a fragrance atomiser, moisturiser, toothbrush and flannel if you use one. Also, don't forget to pack the best quality condoms you can find. I prefer non-latex unscented condoms - you can pick up a large supply on Amazon for £20 or £30.

I mentioned the fragrance atomiser because I'm a fragrance lover and I'm admittedly biased but having a few go-to fragrances for different occasions will serve you well. Exploring scent as a whole can be very sexual as it relates to tuning in to senses that are often neglected.

There are a few other things to consider if you have a few reservations about the booking but decide to take a chance like letting a friend know where you are going and ensuring your phone is fully charged.

With the basics covered, last but definitely not least is making sure that you are prepared mentally. If you are stressed about work or have unresolved personal issues that have flared up the night before this could be a major distraction. We all have issues to deal with, but it's how we manage them that makes the difference. You may find going for a run helps to free your mind or working out in the gym or perhaps some meditation. Do whatever it takes to help you get your mind in the right space because if you're not fully tuned in mentally, it could ruin the experience for you and your client.

There are many things to consider depending on the nature of the booking but over time, it will become second nature. Most are common sense, but that often comes with experience so research, ask questions and learn from others. Good luck and be sure to enjoy yourself.

We'll talk again soon.

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