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You're Wasting Your Time With Online Escorting Directories And Here's Why...

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Many of you will have experienced the constant stream of time wasters and scammers who surf escorting directories targeting new escorts. This is a huge issue that causes much frustration and dismay but it's to be completely expected.

These directories are really not the place for anyone looking to take this profession seriously, enjoy a good lifestyle and earn a decent living - and here's why...

A lot of these sites are magnates for unscrupulous opportunists who attempt to extort money out of the escorts listed on the site with promises of big bookings paid via dodgy cheques and online transfers. I'm pretty sure most of the escorts on these sites didn't sign up for that but this experience is, however, entirely of their own making whether they are aware of it or not.

On a typical escorting directory, you are just one of thousands of men buried amongst a sea of dick pics and moody selfies. Most of the profiles are poorly written and give off all the wrong signals. With names like 'Psyco', 'Splitter' and 'D0nk3y', one has to ask themselves, what wealthy, well-educated woman in her right mind is going to spend time sifting through this pile of mess to find a few hidden gems? The answer is not many.

The number one golden nugget of advice I give which I'll happily share for free is to think about who you want to attract and then learn to speak their language loud and clear so that they can hear you. This means that if you want to enjoy nice meals and evenings at the theatre in the company of a classy lady, you first need to make sure that you present yourself in a way that is conducive with this type of woman's expectations.

This type of client will more than likely be looking for a classy well-designed website with well-written information that connects with her emotionally and stimulates her mind. She'll be looking for professional pictures and perhaps some testimonials or maybe even a blog where you share your thoughts about life and your approach to your work.

There is a lot more going on here than just how to be a high-class escort, this is about who you are as a person. Do you take pride in your work? If so, demonstrate it by paying attention to detail. Are you professional? If so, be polite and courteous when you answer the phone instead of picking up and saying 'Who's this?' or even worse, not saying anything at all. Are you able to communicate effectively? If so, use proper grammar instead of cryptic abbreviated text speech.

I'm not going to call anyone out but I've seen some profiles and websites that are shockingly bad on so many levels that I could unpack this subject for days. This is not just about escorting, this is about the state of play when it comes to men right across the board. Many actually need to be taught how to conduct themselves with women in general and if you want proof, just ask 95% of women who use dating sites.

Our industry is simply a microcosm of a wider epidemic but this provides a great opportunity for men of a certain disposition to really distinguish themselves amongst the rubble, whether that be in the world of dating, or escorting.

How you conduct yourself and where you choose to market your services will determine what type of experience you have in this industry. Over the years, I have made a conscious decision to be more and more selective with the clients that I choose to meet because I want to spend time with a certain type of woman.

I don't advise all the men we work with to take the exact same approach as I do because we all have our own path to walk, but I do think it's important to decide what type of client you want to attract and why.

Escorting directories are a good example of how a platform and the people listed on it can shape your experience, even if you're one of the few who makes an effort to stand out from the crowd. That's not to say all directories are the same, but I advise all our clients to at least have their own website, even if they choose to go with a reputable escorting agency.

Speaking of agencies, there are some of course who can provide a good service to male escorts if you do your research and find the right fit. However, most are heavily focused on the bi/gay market and they'll let you know this before signing up. The good ones do tend to offer a much better calibre of client and they screen most of the time wasters so this may definitely be worth considering.

On the other hand, agencies tend not to want to give you too much detail about the booking as they want to make sure you accept it, which is why they're often reluctant to show you what the client looks like prior to meeting them. Also, you have no direct relationship with the client because they belong to the agency and they do not take kindly to escorts on their books trying to take their clients, and rightly so.

There are obviously pros and cons to working for an agency or working independently, some of which I cover in the escort's guide but the most important thing as I said previously is to consider who you want to target and where best to find them. The client is arguably the biggest contributing factor when it comes to your experience working in this industry, so learn as much as you can about them and decide what works best for you.

There's no one size fits all but there are definitely time wasters and on the other hand, there are super clients, (which I've discussed here) who are a pleasure to be around and will genuinely want the best for you. But again, your chances of finding a client like that on an escort directory surrounded by dick pics are pretty much zero. So do yourself a favour and take control of the narrative and decide what works best for you and the lifestyle you want to live.

When guys come to us for consultations, I often ask the question, "what are you currently reading?" - the answer usually reveals a lot. Whether you read or not, you can be sure that any client who can afford to pay you £5,000 for a booking is likely to be reading something that adds value to her life in some way, be it for entertainment or educational purposes. And unless you're being hired purely for your body (which works perfectly fine for many), it's advantageous to be able to connect on an intellectual level as well as a physical.

Here is a link to my recommended reading list which is full of freely available potentially game-changing PDF ebooks. Enjoy.

We'll talk again soon.

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