About this guide


Important disclaimer: The information provided here is based on the personal experience of Madison James, a 39-year-old heterosexual high-class male escort and is intended for educational purposes only. It is in no way intended to encourage or promote escorting or prostitution and all readers are advised to conduct independent research before drawing any conclusions about the information presented here.


What is this guide?


This guide is a collection of questions that Madison James has received over the years from men who are interested in escorting. It will flow more like a 'questions and answers' conversation with resources, recommended reading and tips that you may find helpful.

The objective is to provide information that many struggle to find like how to decide what services to offer and how much to charge? Whether or not to choose an agency or work independently? How to market your services? What is expected of an escort? How to prepare for a booking? And a number of other questions that he has received.


Who is it for?


This guide is for anyone who is interested in becoming a male escort or perhaps already working in the industry and looking to push their business further. Madison's thoughts are his own and he does not claim to represent the views of anybody else. With that said, we hope you find this site helpful whether you are completely new to the industry or a seasoned professional.

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