2. Services to offer


What services should I offer?


The type of experiences that I offer are very much part of my personality so it's very natural when I interact with a client. I would always recommend focusing on what you enjoy doing so if that's going for quiet dinner dates or a wild night out on the town or perhaps travelling abroad, think about how you'd package these services so it would appeal to the right woman. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you do otherwise your client will sense that something is off and it could ruin the experience. 



How do you know what a client wants?


I ask questions. Contacting an escort for the first time as a woman can be particularly

nerve-racking. There's often a fear of judgment, shyness and a number of other emotions that she may be feeling. Ask questions and listen carefully to what she has to say. 

Find out what made her contact you, what she would like to achieve from your time together and how you can best please her. This is a general conversation that can last up to an hour or more just getting to know each other. The time spent talking over the phone (email/text, etc.) is vital as it gives both parties the opportunity to see if they are likely to connect. After the initial conversation, I often exchange quite a few text messages in the following days/ weeks up until we meet. This puts her mind at ease and allows us to get to know each other prior to the booking.


How do you screen your clients?


Some escorts will happily meet anyone so long as they are willing to pay and whilst this may be a good way to increase your earnings, it's not something that I would advise doing. For me personally, in order to provide a client with the best service possible, there needs to be some level of attraction (be it physical or mental) otherwise it feels completely false. Know your criteria and be clear on where your boundaries lie. This is always done with the utmost consideration for the client's feelings but honesty is the best policy. If you don't think you are the best person to fulfil her requirement, let her know - she'll appreciate it.


How do you deal with cancellations?


As a general rule of thumb, if the client cancels 24 hours before meeting up there is no cost involved. If however, it's on the same day and I have already left I may request that the client covers my travel expenses, especially if I've travelled from a long distance away. In some cases, I may request that my travel expenses are covered upfront if I'm travelling out of town. If it's an overseas booking, I will often request expenses plus half the fee upfront. You can read more on bookings and cancellations in my terms here. You're welcome to copy and paste them so long as you remove my name and company details. 

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